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The Best of Radio Free Nachlaot LIVE, Volume 1

The Best of Radio Free Nachlaot LIVE, Volume 1
Free Download with Any Donation via PayPal to Radio Free Nachlaot
The Best of Radio Free Nachlaot LIVE, Vol. 1
Free Download with any DONATION via PayPal to Radio Free Nachlaot!

The Best of RFN LIVE, Vol 1 features:

Mikey Pauker's "We Got Fire"
Akiva Gersh's "Song of Peace"
Two Nigguns by Shlomo Katz
Shvii Keller at the Moshav Country Fair, Chol haMoed Sukkot 5772
Lazer Lloyd and the 9 Days of Jerry Band (Live at "Jerryfest" August 2011)
Hodu L'HaShem Ki Tov Yacov Yisrael Costello
"Cry" and "Ball and Chain" by Libi and the Flashback
(Jerusalem Woodstock Festival, August 2012)
"Ain't No Reason: (Brett Dennon) Yerachmiel "Rocky" Ziegler



Friday, August 6, 2010

Hippies Need Money For ... Radio Equipment & Shabbos Food! It's a Mitzvah to give tzdaka (charity) before Shabbos.

Having trouble hearing Steve or Lorelai when we're talking but hearing the music just fine? Reminding you - The 9 Days of Jerry are also a FUNDRAISER for Radio Free Nachlaot.

We need $ for new mics, mixers, cables, fans and other important hardware upgrades since we currently are running the station on bubblegum and toothpicks.

CONTRIBUTIONS can be accepted via PayPal from both this very web page...look for the PayPal Icon at the top and the side of this page!

...or if you see Lorelai or Steve walking around Jerusalem don't hesitate to open your wallet and give them a few Sheks - you know it's for a good cause - keeping Radio Free Nachlaot alive and upgrading the listener experience with equipment that isn't older than . . . Jerry if he was still with us! :)

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