Q. What is The 9 Days of Jerry?
A. The 9 Days of Jerry celebrates the "Days Between" the birthday (August 1st) and yartzeit (August 9th) of musical legend Jerry Garcia, z"l.
Jerry Garcia is a foundational element of Radio Free Nachlaot's programming theme - "Where Shlomo Meets Jerry."

Q. Why does the 2nd Annual 9 Days of Jerry start on August 10th this year?
A. Because Radio Free Nachlaot follows the Jewish calendar when programming. This year (2011/5771, a leap year) the 3-Week mourning period for the destruction of the Holy Temple, including the 9 Days (Rosh Chodesh Av through Tisha b'Av) happens to fall within the normal 9 Days of Jerry time period. We delay the start of RFN's 9DOJ until 1pm Jerusalem time, Wednesday August 10th, in deferrence to halacha.

Q. Who are you really and who were you before that?
A. Radio Free Nachlaot is an internet radio station broadcasting 24/6 from deep within Nachlaot, Jerusalem's coolest neighborhood, to a world-wide audience (at last count 54 countries) and bringing them the music, talk & Torah that defines the Nachlaot State of Mind.

A. Find the Media Player icons on our web page and double-click on one of them to launch a player, it will automatically launch to the Radio Free Nachlaot stream. NOTE: You must choose a player that your computer system already has installed on it! If you are operating a Windows-based PC you have Windows Media Player pre-installed. If you use a Mac you have Quicktime installed on your system. You may also have previously downloaded VLC or RealPlayer. Our stream can be played on any of these players.

Radio Free Nachlaot can also be heard on iTunes Radio under the "International/World" category.

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