Friday, August 10, 2012


The 9 Days of Jerry are over ... but today (Friday, August 10th) is ISRU JERRY, and it's our tradition at Radio Free Nachlaot to keep the music going just one more day ... because it's so SO hard to say goodbye!
Has it really been 9 days?
It's gone by so fast!!!
All we can say is ... THANK YOU FOR A REAL GOOD TIME!
and of course ....
Shabbos is coming! Shabbos is coming!
We'll be back Moetzi Shabbos, Saturday Night with a live Havdalah, Melava Malka ("Where Shlomo Meets Jerry on a Saturday Night") and of course MORE GREAT MUSIC, TALK AND TORAH 24/6 because that's what we're all about here at Radio Free Nachlaot.
Yes, we ARE "Where Shlomo Meets Jerry."
Yes, Nachlaot ISN'T Just a Neighborhood: It's A State of Mind! Haven't YOU proved that by being with us, wherever you are in the whole wide world?
Good Shabbos, good Shabbos
Shabbat Shalom from Steve in Jerusalem and Lorelai in Tzfat!
... and of course, "Keep on Truckin...." as always!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Reb Moishe Brings Down the Torah of Jerry!

It's Jerry's Yartzeit! August 9th - Steve Levine will be joined by Reb Moshe Pesach Geller for the final night of The 3rd Annual 9 DAYS OF JERRY on Radio Free Nachlaot!

Regarding Reb Moishe, this is what he says about tonight:

"There’s the “Tao of Pooh” and then there’s the “Torah of the Dead.” Tonight, 7:00PM Jerusalem time, 12:00noon, East Coast time, 9:00AM West Coast time, Reb Moish Geller will cap off the Nine Days of Jerry, enlightening us with a Show about Jerry Garcia as Avatar, as Rebbe, as spiritual vessel. The Show will utilize Scarlet>Fire as the paradigmatic metaphor for the essense of the spiritual journey. Tune into and catch all the action. If you can’t catch it live, you can access it through the web site archives. See you at Show. May the Jerry be with you!"

Don't worry - it's not over until Shabbos starts! Friday is Isru Jerry - we're driving the bus - the Bolo Bus AND the Bozo Bus! with Captain Tripps at the helm, all the way until Shabbos! Listen at

Monday, August 6, 2012

Chana Hinda Frazin will be our Special Guest DJ today on The 3rd Annual 9 DAYS OF JERRY on Radio Free Nachlaot! Listen to Radio Free Nachlaot she's due on sometime after 1pm Israel time (3am LA/4am Denver/5am Texas/6am NY but who the hell sleeps during The 9 Days of Jerry????)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

It's Moetzi Shabbos Nachamu Jerry and WE'RE BACK with THE 9 DAYS OF JERRY!

We hope you had an awesome Shabbos Nachamu Jerry! "Comfort ye, comfort ye my people" says the Prophet Isaiah - and who gives us more comfort than Jerry Garcia? We're continuing our 9 Days of Jerry programming now through "Isru Jerry" Friday August 9th - stay with us here on Radio Free Nachlaot!

Thursday, August 2, 2012


TONIGHT - at Kraft Stadium in Jerusalem - it's the JERUSALEM WOODSTOCK REVIVAL IV, the annual festival of peace, love and music that takes place in Israel's capital city!

It's how we're celebrating DAY TWO of THE 9 DAYS OF JERRY, live and in-person with you!

Radio Free Nachlaot's own STEVE LEVINE will be playing keyboard with ARYEH NAFTALY AND THE ELEVATORS as they cover THE GRATEFUL DEAD - and you'll be able to listen LIVE because we're broadcasting the entire concert on the radio, beginning about 6pm Israel time and continuing until 11pm or whenever they kick us out of Kraft Stadium!

Other performers include:

Geva Alon - singing Neil Young hits
LIBI and the Flashback with hits of Jimi Hendrix & Janis Joplin
Ummagumma playing Pink Floyd
Yael Dekelbaum (the best, mamash!)
Michael Greilsammer playing Led Zepplin
Crystal Ship with a tribute to THE DOORS
Maya Johana Menachem with Shay Tochner & Friends with a "Woodstock Folk Set" featuring Dylan, Joan Baez and others

We're continuing with our all-Jerry programming all day, and don't forget to tune in tonight for THE JERUSALEM WOODSTOCK REVIVAL!!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

And It Was Evening, And It Was Morning - The First Day of the 9 Days of Jerry!

"And it was Evening and it was Morning, The First Day" of The 9 Days of Jerry! Now Playing the Grateful Dead at Fillmore West (8/21/68), followed by The Garcia Project (2/19/69) and The Grateful Dead at NY State Pavilion, Flushing Meadow Park (7/11/69). At 11am Israel time on the Final Vinyl Show we'll hear two of our favorite Dead Vinyl albums - AOXOMOXOA (1969) followed by "The Grateful Dead" (1967). At 2pm it's the Grateful Dead from Springer's Inn, Portland (1/16/70) then at 4:20 an interview with Carlos Santana on the life and death of Jerry Garcia, followed by a "Headliners" interview with Jerry from 2/27/91 and at 4:40pm it's the Planet Earth Rock n'Roll Orchestra - and we're just getting started folks!

 Starting around 5:30-ish, we have Garcia with Jorma, Jack, Spencer Dreyden & Mickey Hart now playing, Merry Pranksters, then TEMPLE TALK at 7pm and A WALK IN THE GARDEN at 8pm Israel time, 9pm Rena Meriash-levine's "Rena on the Radio" with Rena's favorite Jerry/Dead music, 10pm-ish Shuka Luka, Nava Levine-Coren, Tzipora Levine-Strenger, Dovid Levine, Chava Levine, Yitzhak Levine, Steve Levine it's "THE CONCERT FOR UNCLE SETH" featuring Steve's pick of his brother OBM Seth Levine's favorite Grateful Dead Show. It's a family affair! It's Radio Free Nachlaot! It's The 3rd Annual 9 DAYS OF JERRY on Radio Free Nachlaot! Listen at or

People from Moscow to Manitoba and everywhere in-between have visited Radio Free Nachlaot within the last 12 hours to listen to the 9 Days of Jerry. You're in great company!