Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Thank you to our friends and fans who are using the PayPal icon on our web
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the favorite donation amount - 18 is CHAI which means LIFE in Hebrew -
$18 goes a long way to help us build a decent infrastructure for our Internet Radio Station - thank you for giving us LIFE!

The Official Final Version of The 9 Days of Jerry Programming Grid: Now a Valuable Collector's Item, Suitable for Framing!

It's more than a Programming Grid, it's an historical document: the final and historical version of Radio Free Nachlaot's 1st Annual 9 Days of Jerry "Days Between" music and nachas-fest. Not only a valuable collector's item "suitable for framing," but potentially an art project in the making. Steve and Lorelai are willing to autograph your copy.

. . . And on The 10th Day - Jerry Isru Chag!

Isru Chag is the day after a chag (holiday). Isru means to bind. The day after the chag enjoys an afterglow of the chag and is therefore "bound" in some sense to the chag.

The term comes from a verse in Psalms 118 which refers to the festival offering as a chag and mentions that it was bound to the altar. The words that are used in that verse are Isru Chag.

So there we were at about 2am, the 9 Days of Jerry were officially over, and yet there were all these listeners who just ... stayed. Because they couldn't really go anywhere else - the Light we brought down during The 9 Days of Jerry was too good - so according to the tradition of Our Mamas and Our Papas, we instituted Jerry Isru Chag - a little bit more Jerry to help us find our way home ... but that dosen't mean we want you to go home - not without us! If you've only just discovered Radio Free Nachlaot during The 9 Days of Jerry don't run away - stay! Just a little bit longer ... stay, say you will!

Just to break the fast - gently - we played Neil Young's "After the Goldrush" which was probably just right in terms of tone and vibes with our audience, not to shell-shock them with anything too radical - then for Jerry Isru Chag we played Jerry Garcia and David Grisman from Squaw Valley, the PERRO Sessions and finally the Jerry Garcia Band at the Warner Theater 3/18/78 ... which is still playing as this is being written.

We'll hear Rebbe Nachman's "Tikkun HaKlali" at 9am Jerusalem Time this morning and then a couple of hours of Lorelai's "Morning Dew for the Morning Jew" Show - an eclectic mix of music today populated by tunes from Michelle Shocked, Tom Paxton, The Tzimmies, The Turtles, John Prine, Tina Turner, The Pretenders, The Kinks, The Beatles, Louis Armstrong, Sublime, Suzanne Vega, Gypsy Kings, Jefferson Airplane, Steely Dan, Fleetwood Mac, Stan Getz and more.

At 12:15pm we'll hear all of Jerry Garcia's first solo album "Garcia" and that should take us to about 1pm - when we'll be treated to the music of Israeli Super-Group TAMMUZ (they were "The Israeli Beatles" and still enormously popular here in Israel) until 2pm when Steve will take over the stream.

We've got Torah from Rav Avraham Sutton at 3pm as we begin Rav Sutton's "Through the Jewish Holiday" Cycle with teachings about ELUL - yes, it's the first day of Rosh Chodesh (the new month) Elul, 5770 (as we Jews reckon time) and "The King is in the Field" - HaShem has come down off His throne and walks amongst us, close to us and beckons us to come close to Him during this special time of Elul, the month preceeding the High Holy Days - and we'll take you even HIGHER on Radio Free Nachlaot - stay tuned!

Jerry Fans - don't despair! We promise to keep it coming. In case you're concerned with having any post-Jerry anxiety, know our NEW AND IMPROVED REGULAR BROADCAST SCHEDULE (stay tuned for the colorful grid!) features "DEAD (OR DEAD-RELATED) ALIVE" Jerry and Jerry-related music every Tuesday and Wednesday night from 11pm - 1am. Plus we're also playing "A Dose of Dead" Thursdays and Fridays from 5 - 7am Jerusalem Time.

That's not of course to the exclusion of any random Jerry-ness we may feel like putting into our regular schedule, of course! It's our radio station, we can do what we want to!

Chodesh Tov! Happy Jerry Isru Chag!

Monday, August 9, 2010

The 9th Day

We've made it to The 9th Day of Jerry, together!

Listeners from around the World have joined Radio Free Nachlaot by the hundreds since August 1st (remember Day 1? It seems like so long ago now!) to celebrate Jerry Garcia in all his permutations.

We heard the last Jerry Garcia Band Show (The Warfield 4/23/95), then we heard the last Grateful Dead Show (Soldier's Field, Chicago 7/9/95) earlier this afternoon.

Now we're playing "Comes a Time" the Jerry Garcia Tribute Concert that took place in 2005. Warren Haynes, Trey Anastasio, Bruce Hornsby, Bob Weir, Jimmy Herring and more got together at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles on 9/24/05 to bid goodnight and goodbye to Jerry.

At 8pm tonight (Jerusalem Time of course) "Reb Moishe" - that is to say Moshe Pesach Geller, World-renown Deadhead and Universally-known Shlomo Carlebach hassid - will be IN THE HOUSE with Steve and Lorelai as we do our "GRAND FINALE YARTZEIT SHOW" Live tonight from 8pm through Midnight. Moishe is going to bring down and give over "The Torah of Jerry" and play us his fantasy / dream Show ... the one that never happened, but should have.

Will there be life after Jerry? Of course there will be - don't forget, "The Music Never Stopped!" Stay tuned for WHAT'S NEXT - Jerry Isru Chag - AND BEYOND?

On The 9th Day of Jerry My Radio Free Nachlaot Gave to Me...

"On The 9th Day of Jerry my Radio Free Nachlaot gave to me ... another whole day of JERRY..."

No matter how you measure time, there's never enough of it. We've crossed so many time/space barriers together during The 9 Days of Jerry, and all of it has come from Jerusalem, the heart of the World, where (some are amazed to find) Deadheads live in abundance, especially in Nachlaot. Our Special Guest DJ tonight Drew Tick made the point during the show that until he moved to Nachlaot a number of years ago he didn't know there was a community of Jerry Head and Shlomo Heads until he moved here...and then he found out, indeed he did.

This morning - the morning of The 8th Day, of course - we had a Brit-Milah on the air - Pesach & Kari Sara Rothberg's third son was welcomed into the community of Israel & we rejoiced together with the baby, little Ariel Yaakov Ben Pesach Benzion v'Sara. Radio Free Nachlaot was proud to host the first-ever Internet Radio "Bris-Cast" for the Rothberg family.

Tonight's Show with Drew Tick was a gevaldt when Steve and Drew (who have never met each other) discovered they are both from Western Massachusetts and played "Jewish Geography" on-air. Drew is someone who has incorporated the best of Shlomo Carlebach and Jerry Garcia into his life and lifestyle, and it was a pleasure to play some great tunes with him tonight.

Steve's theme right now is ... help on the way! Day 9 continues with ...

  • 1am: Acoustic Dead (originally released as "Reckoning")
  • 2:30am: Electric Dead (originally released as "Dead Set") both from 1981,
  • 4:30am: The Allman Brothers 12/31/1883 - the second set with Jerry Garcia - then at
  • 6am: The Grateful Dead at RFK Stadium 6/10/73 with The Allman Brothers
  • 11am: Jerry Garcia Band's Last Show - 4/23/95 at The Warfield
  • 1pm: The Grateful Dead's Last Show - Chicago 7/9/95
  • 3:30pm: The Concert for Jerry: 1995 All-Star Jerry Garcia Tribute Concert
  • 6:00pm: Surprise "Whatever We Missed"
  • 8pm: The Grand Finale Yartzeit Show with Reb Moishe (Moshe Pesach Geller) and his "Ultimate Dream Concert" as he brings down "The Torah of Jerry."
Don't forget to Download our soon-to-be collectible and suitable-for-framing PROGRAMMING GRID, it's constantly updated - things may still yet change! http://www.box.net/shared/po4rl66sdx

Stay with us ... more to come, you can be sure!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day 8 of The 9 Days of Jerry - "Brit-Cast," "The World's Best Scarlett/Fire" and MORE!

On the 8th Day of Jerry my Radio Free Nachlaot gave to me ...

. . . Another whole day of Jerry!

It was wonderful to rest on Shabbat (although the temperatures in Jerusalem were hardly restful) and now we're back with Day 8 of The 9 Days of Jerry.

We had such a great melave malka on-air last night with our friend Nadav and an awesome night of the best music ... right now we're hearing Jerry with David Grisman, and at 10:30am we'll be live on-air with Internet Radio's first-ever "Bris-Cast" - yes, the brit milah of Pesach & Sara Kari Rothberg's third son will be this morning & we're going to Bris-Cast it live on Radio Free Nachlaot - and continue with more GRATEFUL programming ...

  • 7:30-9:30am - Jerry Garcia & David Grisman 
  • 9:30am - 10:30am - Anthem of The Sun (because it's so so SO hot hot HOT here in the Holy Land!)
  • 10:30am - 12N - Brit-Cast - the brachos and the naming and some brit-milah appropriate music (what else would we do on The 8th Day?) of the new baby boy, the son of Pesach & Sara Kari Rothberg (their third son / third child - yes we'll probably play the theme song to "My Three Sons")
  • 12N- 2pm: Secret Jerry (8 is the number of the Supernatural or Going Beyond ... we'll be taking you BEYOND the revealed Jerry into the world of Supernatural Jerry)
  • 2pm - 4pm - Grateful Dead from Barton Hall 5/8/77 - featuring (as Harvey Milstein likes to say) "THE BEST SCARLETT/FIRE EVER OF ALL TIME"
  • 4pm - 5pm - Jerry Garcia Band
  • 5pm - 6:30pm - Joe Gallant Illuminati (magically delicious!)
  • 6:30 - 8:30pm - Howard Wales & Jerry Garcia Hooterol
  • 8:30pm - 11pm - Steve & Lorelai's Sunday Night Live with Special Guest DJ Drew Tick

Stay tuned to Radio Free Nachlaot as we "GO BEYOND" on Day 8 of The 9 Days of Jerry!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Shavua Tov - Gut Voch - The 8th Day of Jerry Has Begun!

Shavua Tov - Open For Business - We're Back!

Day 8 of The 9 Days of Jerry has begun (we do start the day at "stars-out") the night before, except of course the 1st day which we started at midnight -- but since we rest (had you noticed?) on Shabbos, this has to be day 8 of Jerry - no other way.

#8 - it means beyond. 7 days are a "this world" cycle - 6 days we work, 1 day we rest, and then it's day 1 again. #7 - this world. But number 8 - that's one beyond 7, that's one beyond this world - beyond this world.

Shlomo took us beyond ourselves; in our abilities to understand ourselves, to understand G-d, and Jerry with his music, took us beyond just hearing/listening to music to a place of experiencing music - a place beyond where we had ever been before. Was there anything like a Dead concert?

Har Sinai you say? Radio Free Nachlaot is not just celebrating Jerry's life, but celebrating LIFE!

Come Celebrate with us -- Music will set us free!!!!

Shavua Tov, let the festivities continue - Day 8 of the 9 Days of Jerry is on the way.Shavua Tov - Open For Business - We're Back!
Day 8 of The 9 Days of Jerry has begun (we do start the day at "stars-out") the night before, except of course the 1st day which we started at midnight -- but since we rest (had you noticed?) on Shabbos, this has to be day 8 of Jerry - no other way.

#8 - it means beyond. 7 days are a "this world" cycle - 6 days we work, 1 day we rest, and then it's day 1 again. #7 - this world. But number 8 - that's one beyond 7, that's one beyond this world - beyond this world.

Shlomo took us beyond ourselves; in our abilities to understand ourselves, to understand G-d, and Jerry with his music, took us beyond just hearing/listening to music to a place of experiencing music - a place beyond where we had ever been before. Was there anything like a Dead concert?

Har Sinai you say? Radio Free Nachlaot is not just celebrating Jerry's life, but celebrating LIFE!

Come Celebrate with us -- Music will set us free!!!!

Shavua Tov, let the festivities continue - Day 8 of the 9 Days of Jerry is on the way.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Good Shabbos, Good Shabbos!

On the Seventh Day, we rest.
We want to say thanks to everyone for visiting our site and listening to Radio Free Nachlaot.

We'll be signing off the air around 6:30pm Jerusalem time this evening and enjoying Shabbat Parshas Re'eh (which is also Shabbos Merkevah, announcing the upcoming New Moon / New Month of Elul) in Jerusalem with our families and friends.

Not to worry though, Radio Free Nachlaot and "The 9 Days of Jerry" will resume, Motzoei Shabbos, Saturday Night, sometime around 9 pm -- Jerusalem Time!

Good Shabbos, Good Shabbos everybody! Shabbat Shalom from Steve Levine, Lorelai Kude & Radio Free Nachlaot, bringing you the best music, talk & Torah (and of course The 9 Days of Jerry) LIVE 24/6 from Jerusalem's coolest neighborhood to the World!

Hippies Need Money For ... Radio Equipment & Shabbos Food! It's a Mitzvah to give tzdaka (charity) before Shabbos.

Having trouble hearing Steve or Lorelai when we're talking but hearing the music just fine? Reminding you - The 9 Days of Jerry are also a FUNDRAISER for Radio Free Nachlaot.

We need $ for new mics, mixers, cables, fans and other important hardware upgrades since we currently are running the station on bubblegum and toothpicks.

CONTRIBUTIONS can be accepted via PayPal from both this very web page...look for the PayPal Icon at the top and the side of this page!

...or if you see Lorelai or Steve walking around Jerusalem don't hesitate to open your wallet and give them a few Sheks - you know it's for a good cause - keeping Radio Free Nachlaot alive and upgrading the listener experience with equipment that isn't older than . . . Jerry if he was still with us! :)

"My Guess is that on the Seventh Day, they Rest."

Ken Garcia (no relation) of the S.F. Examiner in his piece about The 9 Days of Jerry writes:

Radio Free Nachlaot, which touts itself as “the Jewish world’s most popular new Internet radio station broadcasting live 24/6 from Jerusalem.” (My guess is that on the seventh day, they rest.)

YOU GOT THAT RIGHT, KEN!!! On the 7th Day - Shabbat, the Sabbath - we rest, and so does our broadcasting software, computers and all things electric.

YOM SHISHI!!! Friday! We've arrived at The 6th Day of the 9 Days of Jerry - what a week it's been, the response from our World-wide listening audience has been tremendous - warm, loving and supportive - and the exhaustion, sleep deprivation & heat wave is all made bearable by the fact that we're the only ones in the entire world crazy enough to do something like this - a 9 Day non-stop musical tribute to Jerry Garcia - and that people love it. As we say here in Israel: BARUCH HASHEM!!!

Right now Steve has done the impossible - he's playing a movie on the radio. Somehow he's converted the files from the movie Festival Express into audio format & it's now playing. We heard the Grateful Dead from the Cow Palace 12/31/76 right before this, preceded by The Dead at Roosevelt Stadium 7/18/72.

Friday's show continues until Shabbat starts in Jerusalem, which will be a little before 7pm this evening, Jerusalem Time (we're +10 hours ahead of LA, +9 from Denver, +8 from Chicago & +7 from NY).  We'll be back on the air Saturday night sometime around 9-ish our time.

We'll be hearing Almost Acoustic Jerry (Fall '87) sometime after 1:30pm today, and then at 3pm Steve's regular Friday afternoon "Not For Kids Only" Show will morph into "JERRY'S KIDS" Featuring music from the Steve Kimmock Band and Warren Haynes.

Around 5:30pm we'll start getting into the Shabbos mood with the "Jerry Meets Shlomo Going Into Shabbos" Show. Of course just as we mean Jerry Garcia when we simply say "Jerry," we can only mean our beloved Reb Shlomo Carlebach zt"l OBO when we say "Shlomo." One of the tag lines for Radio Free Nachlaot has always been: "Where Shlomo meets Jerry." Let's see what happens when they get together - Shabbos is coming! Shabbos is coming!

Stay tuned for what's coming next - Sunday August 8th is the 8th Day of Jerry - and what else do we Jews do on an 8th day than have a BRIT MILAH? Our dear friends Pesach and Kari Sara Rothberg just gave birth to a son (their third son / third child!!!) and Radio Free Nachalot is going to broadcast the Brit Milah LIVE ON - AIR SUNDAY AT 10:30am Jerusalem Time - possibly THE WORLD'S FIRST INTERNET RADIO BRIS-CAST!!!

Haven't you always wanted to listen to a live Bris-Cast from Jerusalem? Gevaldt! The 9 Days of Jerry continue!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Five, Six, Pick up Sticks ... Day 5 into 6 - The 9 Days of Jerry Continue!

No, this isn't a picture of Jerry Garcia. This is Steve Levine, Radio Free Nachlaot's Musical Director & Chief Programming Officer with our Special Guest DJ, "Uber-Deadhead" Harvey Milstein, who sat in with us today and brought us so much musical nachas we're still kvelling, gevaldt!

Undoubtedly, Harvey's favorite show 2/11/70 Fillmore East has THE ULTIMATE "Love Light" (33 minutes with Duane Allman sitting in, he just does NOT stop!). We're sure our listeners shared the truly TANTRIC experience that was our day with Harvey today!
So what's up for the rest of Day 5-into-6 of The 9 Days of Jerry? We're featuring music from Woodstock (the official bootleg) including Grateful Dead tunes you won't see in the movie (because guess what, they weren't in the movie!) plus music from Janis, Jimi, The Who, Creedence and more of our Woodstock friends.

Woodstock in Jerusalem? But of course! Tonight at Kraft Stadium (5:30 - 11:30pm) the greatest musicians in town are getting together to bring down some holy light into our boiling hot holy city. Tickets are 90NIS at the door - The Jerusalem Woodstock Revival features Yael Dekelbaum (from Banot Nechama) singing Janis Joplin, Lazer Lloyd and Yood tribute to Jimi Hendrix, Daniel Dor singing songs by Bob Dylan (hello, don't think Bob was actually at the original Woodstock, but - whatever!), Mark Rashkow and his band with a special Woodstock Medley, Larry & Mindy Fogel singing Simon & Garfunkel, Clare Diane & Graffiti will rock with Led Zepelin and Tree's stunning version of The Who will entertain the crowds at Kraft Stadium in Jerusalem tonight.

You can and SHOULD keep Radio Free Nachlaot on all night even if you go to the Woodstock event or anything else. You can listen on your iPhone - you don't even need no stinkin' app! Connect via 1-click from our web page (see that big graphic of the iPhone? Just click on it!) AND you can listen to Radio Free Nachlaot on iTunes Radio under the "International/World" Genre.

Tonight: Selections from Woodstock (the Official Bootleg Recording) including stuff from the Grateful Dead (yes they were there, just not in the movie!), Janis, Jimi, The Who, Creedence, Joan Baez, CSN and more, playing through 8pm ...

8pm - 9pm we'll have Reb Ozer Bergman's Rebbe Nachman Shiur from 7/29 (last week) then ...

9pm "Dicks Picks 36" CD1

10pm Jerry and David Grisman "So What?" and at

11pm The Jerry Garcia Band at The Warfield 2/26/93

After Midnight - Steve has the stream & it's "Cholent a la Jerry" for Erev Shabbos!

Give Us 5, We're Still Alive! Day 5 of The 9 Days of Jerry!

We're gearing up for a mega-gigantic DAY 5 of The 9 Days of Jerry here at Radio Free Nachlaot! That means we're up before dawn, swiggin' coffee and programming our "SAM" Broadcasting Software for your continued listening pleasure.

It can't be "Just" a coincidence that the latest and greatest heat wave to hit Jerusalem happened just as The 9 Days of Jerry launched. Steve's declaration that "we may never actually sleep at all during The 9 Days of Jerry" has been eerily accurate - it's been too hot to sleep, and the music has been too cool to miss. Even when we're asleep (ok I'm now speaking for myself, Lorelai - I don't know what happens to Steve when he sleeps!) we're half-awake keeping an eye on the SAM Broadcaster (he's been overheating & all fans are aimed at whichever computer is broadcasting, trying to keep things cool) and watching our listening audience from all over the World grow.

That's right - we can see you (ISP address and all). Don't worry - we only use our powers for good, NEVER for evil. As Steve likes to say: "All our relationships are holy." That includes our relationship with YOU, our Radio Free Nachlaot listeners!

We're listening to The Grateful Dead at Nassau Coliseum 3/19/73 right now, until just about 11am, and then we'll have Uber-Deadhead HARVEY MILSTEIN in the house with us and that will be a treat!!!

For those of you "in town" - The Jerusalem Woodstock Revival Festival happens today at Kraft Stadium in Jerusalem, 5:30pm thru 11:30pm. We're advised to "dress like hippies" although the promoters have publicly stated: "Nachlaot people, come as you are!" What are you trying to imply - that we're already dressed as hippies? True, you'll see more tie-dye tztzits on the streets of Nachlaot than you'll ever see in any other neighborhood in Jerusalem, and our ladies are famous for their long flowing "Sugar Magnolia"-style dresses, and we ARE very KIND, and we DO consider ourselves a Family - gee, I guess we ARE hippies after all. Frum Hippies rule!

The rest of Day 5 into Day 6's Schedule will be posted here early in the afternoon - we have a feeling Harvey is bringing us something SPECIAL that we might want to play today - stay tuned for what comes next!

BY THE WAY - THE 9 DAYS OF JERR IS A FUNDRAISER! Thanks to our Listeners (old and new!) who are using the PAYPAL donation option (it's on this page, look for it!) to send us $ for much-needed upgrades and additions to our studios - like decent mics, a mixer that isn't older than your grandmother, an additional sound card so we can take live call-in's during our shows, etc. We need and appreciate your support! Don't forget - give early and often!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 4 turns into Day 5 of The 9 Days of Jerry - "All the years go by, they melt into a dream..."

The 9 Days of Jerry continue with MORE FOR DAY 4 ...

... and then Day 5 begins at Sundown (because of course the Hebrew time system) ... All the days go by, they melt into a dream ... a lonely angel sings from a guitar...

Wow, we've had such a high time with "Reb Moishe," Moshe Pesach Geller who rode shotgun with Steve late last night to introduce his favorite Bonner Springs Show, and stuck around long enough to play radio on-air with Steve and Lorelai today as our Special Guest DJ - Moishe will be back for the Grand Finale Jerry's Yartzeit Show (Monday night August 9th) during which he'll bring down, with G-d's help, "THE TORAH OF JERRY."

This is what the schedule is looking like now:
  • 2pm: Jerry Garcia Band with Nicky Hopkins 11/8/75 live at the Keystone in Berkeley, California
  • 4pm: "Roots of Jerry" with music from Bill Monroe, Doc Watson and more ...
  • 5pm: Grateful Dead Crimson White & Indigo: JFK Stadium 8/7/89
  • 8pm: Dark Star Orchestra 6/25/2010
  • 10:30pm - Grateful Dead Boston Garden 6/11/76
  • 1:00am - "Rewind" (it's already Day 5 by now) We'll hear the Nassau Coliseum 5/8/81 Show that died last night
  • 3am: Jerry Garcia Band Washington DC 3/18/78 (is it only a coincidence that Barak Obama's birthday is on August 4th and that when we play this Washington DC Show it'll still be his birthday in his time zone?)
  • 5:30am: New Riders of The Purple Sage and The Grateful Dead "Felts Forum" 3/18/73
  • 7:30am: Grateful Dead from Nassau Coliseum 3/19/73 (hey, that's the "Day After")
  • 10:30am: The Dead at Woodstock
  • 11am: SPECIAL GUEST DJ HARVEY MILSTEIN will be in the house! People, get ready!!!

Who Won a ticket to Jerusalem Woodstock Revival 2010 by answering the following two questions correctly:

1) What Band played at Woodstock and was NOT featured in Woodstock: The Movie?
2) What songs did Joni Mitchell perform at Woodstock?

The first person to correctly answer both questions wins the ticket - Congratulations BEN BRESKY!!! You're going to the Jerusalem Woodstock Revival Concert Thursday at Kraft Stadium (you can still listen to Radio Free Nachlaot from there if you have an iPhone!)

Summer of Love: San Francisco 1967 - Now Playing!

The 9 Days of Jerry presents the SUMMER OF LOVE: SAN FRANCISCO 1967 SHOW now playing on www.radiofreenachlaot.com

You can also listen with iTunes Radio under the "International/World" category AND with your iPhone - no app needed! One-click connection from the iPhone graphic on this page!

We Get (more) Press!

Our friends at Arutz Sheva (Israel National News) wrote a little something-something about The 9 Days of Jerry on Radio Free Nachlaot - here's the link to the article: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/Flash.aspx/191434

In the article Steve Levine and Lorelai Kude (not mentioned by name) are described as "Former Americans who have made Aliyah" - yes, we're ORIGINALLY Americans, now we're also Israeli - we enjoy having two passports (arguably the most hated passports on Earth - American AND Israeli) but we're not really "former" Americans, we're American-born Jews who moved to Israel, making us American Israelis (as opposed to Israelis who G-d forbid leave the Land of Israel to move to America, making them Israeli Americans).

Whatever - we don't care as long as they're talking about what really counts - THE 9 DAYS OF JERRY ON RADIO FREE NACHLAOT!

Day 4 of The 9 Days of Jerry - The Music Never Stopped!

Well, who ever thought creating and maintaining a 9-Day Internet radio musical tribute to Jerry Garcia in the middle of a Middle Eastern summer heat wave would be like . . . a Grateful Dead concert?

Day 3's Special Guest DJ Stuart Schnee was not only a Talmudic-style fount of Show references and sources but he brought us goodies too - his precious Jerry show library with some wonderful material even we don't have. What fun we're having with our Guest DJ's - and tonight to kick off Day 4 we have Reb Moshe Pesach Geller in the house, introducing his favorite Show (Bonner Springs Kansas 6/25/91) and much, much more!

  • Midnight-ish - 3am : Grateful Dead, Bonner Springs Kansas 6/25/91
  • 3:30 - Grateful Dead Nassau Coliseum 5/8/81
  • 5:30am - Sanjay Mishra and Jerry Garcia
  • 6am - Grateful Dead, Oakland 2/20/91
  • 9am - Jefferson Airplane, Surrealistic Pillow
  • 9:30am - Jerry and The Summer of Love: San Francisco
11am - Special TO BE ANNOUNCED - STAY TUNED!!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Latest Version of The 9 Days of Jerry Programming Grid


The 9 Days of Jerry: Day 3 - I'll Get Up And Fly Away...

Day 3 of The 9 Days of Jerry - when does a day really begin with us? We're programming for a World-wide audience (51 countries at last count), and yet we hold by the Hebrew Calendar and cycle of time so day begins at nightfall...on the other hand, when is it really dark when the Sun is shining so brightly somewhere...

Like, we had GUESTS in-house yesterday, the sweetest of the sweet to be able to meet and mingle with fans and friends. Guest DJ Daniel Pozner and his wife Pam drove down from Tzfat to be with us, followed by Andy Alpern (also from Tzfat) confirming that Jerry's birthday is really a 2-day Chag, Chutz L'Eretz style, or call it an Isru Chag - whatever! As Steve exclaimed (with astonishing sincerity) this afternoon: how could he have ever expected The 9 Days of Jerry to be anything less than a party?

Here's the musical schedule up until our Special Guest DJ, Stuart Schnee scheduled for 11am - 1pm on Tuesday, August 3rd - Day 3 of The 9 Days of Jerry on Radio Free Nachalot!
1:40am Grateful Dead at The Spectrum 3/23/86, 4:15am Black Mountain Boys 3/6&7/64, 5:45am The Dead Oakland 8/4/79 all times JERUSALEM TIMES of course we're digging our World-wide audience - we truly ARE everywhere (51 countries!)

1:40am: Grateful Dead at The Spectrum 3/23/86

4:15am: Black Mountain Boys 3/6&7/64

5:45am: The Dead Oakland 8/4/79

9am: Roots of Jerry

11am: Special Guest DJ Stuart Schnee will be in the house!

all times JERUSALEM TIMES of course

Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 2 of The 9 Days of Jerry - NOT FADE AWAY!!!

Thanks to Uber-Deadhead Harvey Milstein for this rare photo of Jerry's Shabbos Table! "There's mosquitoes on the river / Fish are rising up like birds / It's been hot for seven weeks now / too hot to even speak now / Did you hear what I just heard?"

Yes it's hot hot hot in Jerusalem, and although we are playing the coolest music in the Universe, the heat is having it's way now and then - for instance, last night right in the middle of our Sunday Night Live Jerry's Birthday Show, while dozens of listeners from all over the World were raptly listening to Steve and Lorelai carrying on about The 9 Days of Jerry, suddenly - darkness! Darkness like one of the Plagues of Egypt, darkness at the edge of Town, or shall we say rolling blackouts all over Jerusalem, and it continued most of the night until around Midnight ... thanks to our loyal fans for continuing to try to tune in (and many of you did manage to re-connect more than once) - Again, another reason we're glad to be live radio and not live streaming video - it's bad enough to hear us scrambling to restart our streaming audio broadcaster, but to see us as well, that would have been too much for our audience, we can assure you.

So - last night after Lorelai returned from Undisclosed Studio B back to Undisclosed Studio A in Nachlaot we heard The Dead at Buckeye Lake (l'kavod our friend Shira Rachel Robin Grundland, DEADICATED to her husband David Grundland), then "Acoustic Jerry" - Jerry and John Khan live at the Oregon State Prison - then we had some rare interviews, Jerry with Ken Kesey talking to Tom Snyder, some random moments from the "Wall of Sound" recordings, and now we're listening to The Grateful Dead live at Lindley Meadows, Golden Gate Park (9/28/75) ... it's nice to hear Donna Jean wailing in the background!

We'll hear some selections from the Dead's performance at Monterey Pop this morning, as well as Dead-related bands such as the Jefferson Airplane and The Who - and then at 11am we welcome Guest DJ (who is driving all the way from Tzfat to Jerusalem just to be on our show!) Daniel Pozner - he'll be in-studio with Steve and Lorelai from 11am - 1pm Jerusalem Time.

How fun for us! We get to "Play Radio" with our friends and fans!

Let's not forget folks - The 9 Days of Jerry is a FUNDRAISER for Radio Free Nachlaot - see that PAYPAL graphic on this page? Support your favorite Internet Radio Station - help us buy the equipment we need to be able to do live call-in shows, we need better microphones, a new mixer, food for Shabbos, etc. - give what you can, and know it's all going for a good cause!

We also accept checks, cash and WHATEVER. Email us at radiofreenachlaot@gmail.com with any "How-To" questions - we'll explain exactly how you can support us!

Another way to support Radio Free Nachlaot is to tweet about us on Facebook, Twitter or on your blog. Don't hesitate to post or re-post any of our little bits and pieces!

At 2pm Jerusalem Time we'll hear The Jerry Garcia Band from 1991, then at 5pm "Live Your Jerry" (we'll have surprises for you!) and at 7pm Phish from Morrison, Colorado 8/2/2009 (one of our Jerry-inspired band performances) and at 10pm, the Dead from Hershey Park, 6/28/85.
Stay with us! There's nowhere else to be - ONLY on Radio Free Nachlaot, celebrating together with Jerry fans all over the World (literally! You should see our map of visitors to RFN - everywhere from Fez, Morocco to Marugame, Kagawa, Japan! It's true what they say: WE ARE EVERYWHERE!!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

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Stay informed - take a look at the latest additions to the 9 Days of Jerry Programming Grid!


Email radiofreenachlaot@gmail.com for instructions "How-To"

Happy Birthday Jerry! The 9 Days of Jerry Kick-Off - Day 1

Happy Birthday Jerry!

August 1st - Day One of Radio Free Nachlaot's "9 Days of Jerry" Event - celebrating the "Days Between" Jerry Garcia's birthday (August 1st) and the anniversary of his death (August 9th).

It's almost certain the Radio Free Nachalot personnel won't be getting much sleep over the next 9 days, there's just too much good music that we don't want to miss.


The Carousel Ballroom Show (1968) is Deadicated by Moshe-Tov (Peter) Kreps in loving memory of his late brother John Flynn z"l who was definitely a Deadhead even if he didn't always know it, and to his parents George and Sally Kreps, without whom Moshe-Tov says "I wouldn't have a head to be Dead in the first place!"

The New Year's Eve 1982 Show with Etta James - Deadicated to brother Seth Levine (of blessed memory whose birthday is ALSO August 1st, same as Jerry's!) by his brother Steve, who says "This was one of Seth's favorite shows, especially Set 3, with Etta!"

Jerry Garcia's First Solo Album - Deadicated to Amy Wachtel by Lorelai with love, remembering listening to this with you March 2000 and jumping up & down on your bed in glee...

We're hoping Uber-Deadhead Harvey Milstein and his Sugar Magnolia Gail Lobel Rand will be our in-studio guests tonight during the final hour of our LIVE Steve & Lorelai Sunday Night Kick-Off Show, stay tuned after 9pm Jerusalem time - and here's today's schedule (all times are Jerusalem Times).

August 1st - Day One of The 9 Days of Jerry

12a Jerry Garcia Band 11/9/91
2:30 AM 11/3/65 - Golden State studios
2:45 AM Carousel Ballroom 1968 Deadicated by Moshe-Tov Kreps to the memories of his brother John Flynn z"l and parents George & Sally Kreps of blessed memory
4a Old & In The Way
4:30a Live 1973
5a Robert Hunter (1974) Tales of the Great Rum Runners
6a Dead Show -New Year's Eve 1982 with Etta James, Deadicated to Seth Levine of blessed memory by Steve Levine
8:30a For The Record: Jerry Garcia - Jerry's first Solo Album Deadicated to Amy Wachtel by Lorelai with love and memories!
9:30a Studio outtakes
10a For the Record: Jerry Garcia
10:30a Studio outtakes
11a World of Jerry - Original versions of songs covered by Jerry or The Dead
12N Grateful Dead Giants Stadium 7/12/87
2:30p Grateful Dead - SNACK Concert at Kezar Stadium
3:30 New Riders of the Purple Sage & Grateful Dead 4/26/71 at Fillmore East
5p Jerry Surprise
6p Jerry Does Dylan
8p Sunday Night LIVE BIG KICKOFF SHOW with Steve & Lorelai and hopefully during the last hour of the show we'll have Uber-Deadhead Harvey Milstein in-studio