Thursday, August 5, 2010

Give Us 5, We're Still Alive! Day 5 of The 9 Days of Jerry!

We're gearing up for a mega-gigantic DAY 5 of The 9 Days of Jerry here at Radio Free Nachlaot! That means we're up before dawn, swiggin' coffee and programming our "SAM" Broadcasting Software for your continued listening pleasure.

It can't be "Just" a coincidence that the latest and greatest heat wave to hit Jerusalem happened just as The 9 Days of Jerry launched. Steve's declaration that "we may never actually sleep at all during The 9 Days of Jerry" has been eerily accurate - it's been too hot to sleep, and the music has been too cool to miss. Even when we're asleep (ok I'm now speaking for myself, Lorelai - I don't know what happens to Steve when he sleeps!) we're half-awake keeping an eye on the SAM Broadcaster (he's been overheating & all fans are aimed at whichever computer is broadcasting, trying to keep things cool) and watching our listening audience from all over the World grow.

That's right - we can see you (ISP address and all). Don't worry - we only use our powers for good, NEVER for evil. As Steve likes to say: "All our relationships are holy." That includes our relationship with YOU, our Radio Free Nachlaot listeners!

We're listening to The Grateful Dead at Nassau Coliseum 3/19/73 right now, until just about 11am, and then we'll have Uber-Deadhead HARVEY MILSTEIN in the house with us and that will be a treat!!!

For those of you "in town" - The Jerusalem Woodstock Revival Festival happens today at Kraft Stadium in Jerusalem, 5:30pm thru 11:30pm. We're advised to "dress like hippies" although the promoters have publicly stated: "Nachlaot people, come as you are!" What are you trying to imply - that we're already dressed as hippies? True, you'll see more tie-dye tztzits on the streets of Nachlaot than you'll ever see in any other neighborhood in Jerusalem, and our ladies are famous for their long flowing "Sugar Magnolia"-style dresses, and we ARE very KIND, and we DO consider ourselves a Family - gee, I guess we ARE hippies after all. Frum Hippies rule!

The rest of Day 5 into Day 6's Schedule will be posted here early in the afternoon - we have a feeling Harvey is bringing us something SPECIAL that we might want to play today - stay tuned for what comes next!

BY THE WAY - THE 9 DAYS OF JERR IS A FUNDRAISER! Thanks to our Listeners (old and new!) who are using the PAYPAL donation option (it's on this page, look for it!) to send us $ for much-needed upgrades and additions to our studios - like decent mics, a mixer that isn't older than your grandmother, an additional sound card so we can take live call-in's during our shows, etc. We need and appreciate your support! Don't forget - give early and often!

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