Saturday, July 31, 2010

San Francisco Examiner: "JERRY GARCIA: WHAT A MENSCH!"

Jerry Garcia: What a mensch!

It’s Jerry Garcia’s birthday week, which means lots of music, tie-dyed T-shirts and other, uh, stuff will be on display at meadows and valleys around the Bay, with the annual concert Sunday at the Jerry Garcia Amphitheater in McLaren Park.

But who knew the late Grateful Dead leader had such a big following in Jerusalem?

Laurie Armstrong, vice president of the San Francisco Convention and Visitors Bureau, forwarded news that it was contacted as a potential sponsor for a nine-day tribute to Garcia by Radio Free Nachlaot, which touts itself as “the Jewish world’s most popular new Internet radio station broadcasting live 24/6 from Jerusalem.” (My guess is that on the seventh day, they rest.)

The “9 days of Jerry” event invites listeners to “Deadicate” music and playlists to friends and to contribute remembrances of Garcia during the marathon. By the way, Nachlaot, we’re told, is Jerusalem’s coolest neighborhood.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

DEADICATE a SHOW During The 9 Days of Jerry!

Radio Free Nachlaot's programming calendar for the 9 Days of Jerry includes many different Dead Shows over the "Days Between" Jerry Garcia's birthday (August 1st) and the anniversary of his death (August 9th).

DEADICATE A SHOW - what better way to say "I love you" than a personal DEADICATION of a special Grateful Dead Show!

The following Shows are now available for DEADICATIONS.
  • Carousel Ballroom 1965
  • New Year's Eve 1982 with Etta James
  • Buckeye Lake, Ohio 7-1-92
  • Hershey Park 6/28/85
  • Bonner Springs 6-24-91
  • Boston Garden 6-11-76
  • Roosevelt Stadium 7-18-72
  • Cow Palace 12-31-76
  • 9/19 & 20/70 Fillmore East
  • Chicago 7-9-95 (The Grateful Dead's final show)
Other Shows will be posted soon along with the rest of our Jerry-centric programming for The 9 Days of Jerry, including music from the Jerry Garcia Band, "Acoustic Jerry," etc.

DEADICATIONS are $100 (we take PayPal!) or 400NIS. The 9 Days of Jerry, aside from being a timely tribute to our favorite musician, is also a Fundraiser for Radio Free Nachalot. Your DEADICATION not only will elevate the neshama of whomever you DEADICATE a Show to, it will help Radio Free Nachlaot continue to be the soundtrack of your life - we need equipment, microphones, sound cards, and food for Shabbos! Steve Levine's family and Lorelai Kude's family appreciate your support!

m with your contact information & we'll take it from there!

Attention, Ben Fong-Torres! We Want To Be ON THE COVER OF THE ROLLING STONE!

Sorry to kvell in public but I'm a little verklempt!!!

In an attempt to spread the word about Radio Free Nachlaot's upcoming mega-event "The 9 Days of Jerry," Laurie Anderson, VP of Public Affairs at the San Francisco Convention & Visitors Bureau, has forwarded our 9 Days of Jerry Press Release to Ben Fong-Torres of Rolling Stone Magazine!

Ben! Ben Fong-Torres! I remember you when you were just a little "cub" reporter (OK I STAND CORRECTED YOU WERE SENIOR EDITOR AT ROLLING STONE), back in The Day - and when I was a Journalism student at San Francisco State University from 1976-78 (under the tutelage of the legendary Tom Johnson and before I made the drastic and life-altering decision to transfer to USC, and of course known then under a completely different name: Lori E. Lieberman) and was an Intern for the Center for Investigative Reporting (now known as "Muckrakers") in Oakland. You were one of my heroes! You also were pretty nicely portrayed in the movie "Almost Famous" - Ben, Oh Ben, PLEEEEEEESE read and report on our 9 Days of Jerry Press Release, nothing would make me happier!!! Better yet, jump on a plane from San Francisco & come right away to Jerusalem and sit in with Steve and I during The 9 Days of Jerry so we can reminisce together about the Good Old Days of the San Francisco music scene! YOU ARE OFFICIALLY INVITED!!!

"Rolling Stone - gonna get my picture on the cover, gonna buy 5 copies for my mother, gonna see my smiling face on the Cover of the Rolling Stone!"

Monday, July 26, 2010

Be A Guest DJ During The 9 Days of Jerry!

"We Are Everywhere!"
Yes we are - and you can win a chance to be a part of Radio Free Nachlaot's 9 Days of Jerry (August 1st - August 9th) as a Special Guest DJ on Lorelai's "Morning Dew" Show!

Send us an email at and tell us WHY you want to be a Guest DJ - we have 4 available slots to fill on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of The 9 Days of Jerry from 11am - 1pm - You'll be hanging out with Lorelai at her undisclosed location deep within Nachlaot, Jerusalem's coolest neighborhood and stylin' LIVE ON-AIR, playing YOUR favorite Jerry-related music, telling stories and generally having the time of your life.

Hurry! This is a TIME-SENSITIVE OFFER! Send an email to us at telling us why we should pick you to be a Guest DJ - and wait to see the results of our contest!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

9 Fingers - 9 Days - What's the Connection?

Number 9? Number 9?

Jerry Garcia had 9 fingers. We're celebrating The 9 Days of Jerry August 1st through August 9th on Radio Free Nachlaot. What's with the Number 9?

Here are 9 Gematria connections to the Number 9 that we've added Jerry-relevant thoughts to.

Tet--- Tet.
(In spelling, interchanges with: Dalet, Lamed, Taw, Zain, Samekh; Tzaddi, Shin; Chet, Kaf, Ayin.)
(Tet = TetVauTet --- 24 --- A coiling; Serpent. TET is the Hebrew Letter that corresponds to the month of AV (August) the month that Jerry was born and died!

--- the name of the ninth Sephira is DaletVauSamekhYod --- 80. Jerry was the "Yesod" (Foundaton) of the Grateful Dead. No Jerry = No Dead.

VauBetAleph--- proper name form of BetAleph. (9 = 3x3, father of fathers). No one was more of a musical patriarch than Jerry. Everybody knows he was the father of fathers not only to the Grateful Dead but to other musical entities (the Jefferson Airplane, etc.) during the San Francisco music scene's heyday.
DaletDaletAleph--- to be strong. Jerry's guitar playing was strong and powerful, bringing us to another level time after time.

--- powerful one.
BetVauAleph --- to be hollow. Jerry was capable of "hollowness," he could empty a space around a note and play it's musical shadow, allowing the form to emerge on it's own.

--- water skin, leather bottle; the hollow belly (of conjurers, in which the conjuring spirit dwells and speaks as if from out of the earth); a necromancer. No one could "conjurer" spirits of music like Jerry!
AlephZainAleph--- (see also 13); to light, to heat. Jerry's music created light and heat
ChetAleph--- brother; friend; kinsman; one of the same tribe; a fellow countryman; a confederate, an ally, a neighbor or fellow man; a fellow or match. Jerry was at the same time a true brother and created a community of brother/sisterhood throughout the world ("Deadheads").
DaletHay --- shout, cry (of joy). Jerry made us shout and cry with joy time and again, year after year, song after song, set after set, show after show.

Friday, July 23, 2010

What's Your Favorite Jerry?

What's your Favorite Jerry? Old Jerry? Young Jerry? Jerry in the Middle? The 9 Days of Jerry wants to know!

We've enabled COMMENTS on this blog - please feel free to post your thoughts on your FAVORITE JERRY - favorite phase, favorite show, favorite musical pairing, favorite ice cream flavor (OK we KNOW which flavor that will be - there is no flavor aside from Cherry Garcia!!!) - let us hear from you!

We're working hard to put together the perfect, unforgettable 9 Days of Jerry Programming to be played on Radio Free Nachlaot between August 1st - August 9th. If you have a Show suggestion or a DEADICATION please email us at!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The 1st Annual "9 DAYS OF JERRY" on Radio Free Nachlaot

Get ready for The 9 Days of Jerry! August 1st - August 9th: the "Days Between" Jerry Garcia's birthday and the anniversary of his death, will be celebrated by very special programming on Radio Free Nachlaot - like nothing you've ever heard before!

Radio Free Nachlaot is the place for The 9 Days of Jerry - everything Jerry, all the time - music, interviews, tangential ramblings and remembrances, tributes and "DEADICATIONS" - The 9 Days of Jerry promises to be a World-Wide event and all eyes - or shall we say ears - will be on Radio Free Nachlaot!

Watch for set lists and programming announcements in days to come - and if you'd like to DEADICATE a Show to a loved one (or commemorate a simcha, a yartzeit, a special occasion of any kind) contact for DEADICATION DETAILS!