Thursday, July 22, 2010

The 1st Annual "9 DAYS OF JERRY" on Radio Free Nachlaot

Get ready for The 9 Days of Jerry! August 1st - August 9th: the "Days Between" Jerry Garcia's birthday and the anniversary of his death, will be celebrated by very special programming on Radio Free Nachlaot - like nothing you've ever heard before!

Radio Free Nachlaot is the place for The 9 Days of Jerry - everything Jerry, all the time - music, interviews, tangential ramblings and remembrances, tributes and "DEADICATIONS" - The 9 Days of Jerry promises to be a World-Wide event and all eyes - or shall we say ears - will be on Radio Free Nachlaot!

Watch for set lists and programming announcements in days to come - and if you'd like to DEADICATE a Show to a loved one (or commemorate a simcha, a yartzeit, a special occasion of any kind) contact for DEADICATION DETAILS! 

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