Sunday, July 25, 2010

9 Fingers - 9 Days - What's the Connection?

Number 9? Number 9?

Jerry Garcia had 9 fingers. We're celebrating The 9 Days of Jerry August 1st through August 9th on Radio Free Nachlaot. What's with the Number 9?

Here are 9 Gematria connections to the Number 9 that we've added Jerry-relevant thoughts to.

Tet--- Tet.
(In spelling, interchanges with: Dalet, Lamed, Taw, Zain, Samekh; Tzaddi, Shin; Chet, Kaf, Ayin.)
(Tet = TetVauTet --- 24 --- A coiling; Serpent. TET is the Hebrew Letter that corresponds to the month of AV (August) the month that Jerry was born and died!

--- the name of the ninth Sephira is DaletVauSamekhYod --- 80. Jerry was the "Yesod" (Foundaton) of the Grateful Dead. No Jerry = No Dead.

VauBetAleph--- proper name form of BetAleph. (9 = 3x3, father of fathers). No one was more of a musical patriarch than Jerry. Everybody knows he was the father of fathers not only to the Grateful Dead but to other musical entities (the Jefferson Airplane, etc.) during the San Francisco music scene's heyday.
DaletDaletAleph--- to be strong. Jerry's guitar playing was strong and powerful, bringing us to another level time after time.

--- powerful one.
BetVauAleph --- to be hollow. Jerry was capable of "hollowness," he could empty a space around a note and play it's musical shadow, allowing the form to emerge on it's own.

--- water skin, leather bottle; the hollow belly (of conjurers, in which the conjuring spirit dwells and speaks as if from out of the earth); a necromancer. No one could "conjurer" spirits of music like Jerry!
AlephZainAleph--- (see also 13); to light, to heat. Jerry's music created light and heat
ChetAleph--- brother; friend; kinsman; one of the same tribe; a fellow countryman; a confederate, an ally, a neighbor or fellow man; a fellow or match. Jerry was at the same time a true brother and created a community of brother/sisterhood throughout the world ("Deadheads").
DaletHay --- shout, cry (of joy). Jerry made us shout and cry with joy time and again, year after year, song after song, set after set, show after show.

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