Friday, August 12, 2011

Shabbos Nachamu! The 9 Days of Jerry is "Off for Shabbat"

It's Friday, Day Three of The 9 Days of Jerry - and yes, we're shutting off the Radio for Shabbat!

Hope you're all enjoying The 9 Days of Jerry as much as we are!
Our first Guest DJ, Harvey Milstein, really tore it up on Thursday afternoon - unforgettable Jerry memories, mamash!

Next week's Guest DJ's include Daniel Pozner (Monday 12N), Marcia Davidowitz (Tuesday 3pm), Shoni Cooper (Wednesday 12N), Drew Tick (Wednesday 3pm), Yehoshua HaLevi (Thursday 12N) and the biggest Gadol of Deadheads we know - The Highest of the High, Reb Moishe Geller (Thursday 3pm).

But before that ... JERRYFEST! Sunday Night August 14th, 10pm at Mike's Place in Downtown Jerusalem - starting at 10pm, Aryeh Naftali and "The 9 Days of Jerry Band" are going to put on such a Grateful Gevaldik show you won't believe you're not in Winterland!

Special musical guests include Yehuda Katz, Lazer Lloyd Blumen, Elijah Sidikman and Purimm. 30NIS donation for the show (yes it IS a fund raiser for Radio Free Nachlaot).

And if you want to watch Jerryfest on live streaming video because you're nowhere NEAR the Middle East this Sunday - email: for details - it's only an $18 donation - well worth it!

So ... good Shabbos, good Shabbos .. It's SHABBOS NACHAMU this week - "Nachmu, nachamu Ami..." Comfort ye, comfort ye my people! This is the Shabbat of consolation - and there's nothing more "comforting" than the 9 Days of Jerry. It's the ultimate comfort zone - emotionally and musically!

So - be comforted this Shabbat, we'll be back again sometime after 9pm on Moetzi Shabbos, when we'll have a special Melave Malka - "Where Shlomo Meets Jerry on Saturday Night!" - Good Shabbos, good Shabbos, Shabbat Shalom to everyone, everywhere from Radio Free Nachlaot - Home of the 9 Days of Jerry!

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