Sunday, August 2, 2015

August 1st - Happy Birthday Jerry!

"Jerry Garcia" by Ocean Clark
Happy Birthday, Jerry!

It's August 1st, the 73rd anniversary of Jerome John "Jerry" Garcia's birth in San Francisco, California.

It's the beginning of Day One of Radio Free Nachlaot's 6th Annual celebration of Jerry Garcia's life, music, and legacy -  The #9DaysofJerry!

Because of Shabbos being on Saturday, August 1st, we didn't get started until kind of late - but that doesn't matter, because we're going to keep going all the way through the 9DOJ into "Isru Jerry" and beyond!

This year we've decided to break down the #9DaysofJerry by era - beginning at the beginning!

Today, Day#1, we're focusing on the Grateful Dead 1965 - 1968 to include shows from: Avalon Ballroom 10/12/68, Vancouver 7/29 and 7/30 1966, Winterland 3/18/67, and later Sunday afternoon we'll play some early Jerry - with Robert Hunter from 1961 and with the Sleepy Hollow Hog Stompers in 1962, and a whole bunch more.

Believe it if you need it, and need it if you dare! 

Keep tuned to Radio Free Nachlaot during the #9Daysof Jerry to hear everything very, very Jerry, 24/6 - plus some new surprises!

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  1. Listening from San Francisco!!! You sound great from here. I actually teach at Jerry's last school, Balboa High, and I live about three blocks from his childhood home on Harrington Street. There's a local amphitheater in a nearby park named for him. The 13th annual Jerry Day took place there last Sunday with four bands playing, including Phil Lesh's son Graham playing, as well as JGB, and Stu Allen and Mars Hotel. So much love for Jerry. Keep on truckin'!